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Industrial Band Saws for Professional Builders
Industrial Band Saws for Intricate Details on BIG timbers

Announcing Slicer!
a new generation of
Industrial Veneer Mill

Falberg three-wheeled portable timber band saws are currently the only portable band saws you can get with enough cut depth to handle 18” thick timbers. With a throat width of 18” they're also the only portable band saws that can  maneuver around complex details in big timbers. Working with big timbers demands far more performance than you'll get with a little die cast two-wheeler.

New Saws - Old Designs

Obviously, there's been no research or development in the field of band saws for a couple hundred years.

How different is this antique band saw from this?classic Delta 14” two-wheeler band-saw

Antique Band Saw                   Classic Delta 14” two-wheeler          

Falberg Sets New Standard
with three-wheeled portable timber band saws

Compare those to the Falberg Corbel King which weighs barely 100 pounds yet has more than three times the throat area. If you take the time to visit our web pages you'll learn how wheels, frames,  tensioners, and tracking assemblies make those impossible cuts easy and you'll see what a dynamic tool your band saw can be.

Falberg Saws also makes a less expensive two-wheeled portable timber band saw with an 8”W x 12”D throat called the Elf but we quit stocking them when it became obvious that, no matter how superior it was too noisy little die-cast imports, it couldn't compete with our own three-wheeled Titan with three times the throat area. Once a customer finds the Titan, they lose interest in the other choices.
(Why are band saws named by their wheel diameter and not their throat area; as in W” x H” =A” ?)
When you compare our saws in terms of prices per square inch, Titan wins every time.  You can still custom order an Elf if you want - they are light, compact, and cute.

Falberg on the Cutting Edge Again
floor-standing vertical resaw - industrial veneer mill - for timber and metal

Applying the experience gained from designing portable timber band saws we found ourselves in a unique position to design and build a whole new generation of floor-standing vertical resaws we call Slicer!  Custom designed for the industrial milling of bandsawn veneer, Slicer can be configured to cut metal or whatever else you might have. With a narrow-kerf (3/32") carbide-tipped resaw blade, Slicer will butter-knife through 18" hardwood effortlessly.
We have too many very slick and very proprietary fencing and feedrail options to list them all here so call 970-399-7216 and we can talk about it. 

Titan - three-wheeled portable industrial timber bandsaw - made in USA

Check out our Custom / Industrial Applications page for examples of other custom saws we've built.

You'll also see why nobody ever sells their used Falberg saw.

They pay for themselves over and over and over again; year after year.

Corbel King