Elf ~ Portable Bandsaw

two-wheeled portable bandsaw - The Elf by Falberg Sawstwo-wheeled portable bandsaw - The Elf by Falberg Saws

1/2 HP 110V
TEFC 56C Mtr
Same drive train and blade transport components as the Titan


Elf - front view

Elf - back view

"The Elf" - Portable 2-wheel industrial bandsawThe Falberg Elf was designed to offer a better quality, more cost-effective alternative to the fragile little die-cast European portables. Like the Titan, Elf, too, is balanced at the center of its platen so it can work at the edge of a beam as well as it does in the middle of a beam; it needs no human support to keep it in place and you could walk away while the saw was running, knowing that when you return the saw will still be sitting there, quietly idling.

“Quietly” because Elf uses a TEFC induction motor; it has no brushes to replace and runs very quietly. Elf's ½ HP motor causes the saw to jump a bit when you turn it on. In fact there's so much starting torque that there's no way a blade can get stuck in the kerf when you stop in the middle of a cut. Like the Titan, Elf, too, has a laminated platen specifically designed to optimize the operator's view of the scribe line while minimizing the footprint of the platen. That only works when the saw is balanced; without that balance you need a big, view-blocking square platen to keep the saw perpendicular.           

Besides the ergonomic factor of using an induction motor to counter-balance the weight of the saw's blade transport system, the other thing that sets the Falberg Elf apart from over-priced die-cast imports is the composition of the frame. You can drop an Elf on your concrete driveway and the frame will survive; you may have to hammer it out a little, but it won't break. You can't break a weld on an Elf because Elf frames derive their strength from the screws and bolts that hold it all together. Everyone knows how welding weakens aluminum; so we don't do it, except cosmetically, ie: on covers and  frame joints. Given the powder coating and aluminum's natural resistance to corrosion, there's every reason to believe that an Elf will last forever with a little maintenance and the occasional tire replacement.