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fancy saw cuts replicating Herbert Bayer sculpture called "Totem"Falberg Saw Co. started back in 1999 when I was commissioned to reproduce an Herbert Bayer sculpture called "Totem" which consisted of two really snaky rip cuts through a large timber.

For the CUTS You Just CAN'T Make with ANY other SAW

fancy saw cuts replicating Herbert Bayer sculpture called "Totem" with portable three-wheeled bandsaw by Falberg SawsI still don't know how the original "Totem" was cut, but, at the time, I had to believe the only evidence available in the dusty archives: a grainy black and white photo of two guys smiling at the cameras in front of a mammoth industrial behemoth band saw that looked like a WWII-era factory.  There was nothing resembling a Totem in the picture, nor any sign of wood anywhere, but I had to assume these two factory workers managed to wrestle a 12"x12"x12' long timber perfectly through a long series of linked semi-circles running precisely down the center of said timber; clamp the halves together; and do it again, perfectly, down the adjacent side to expose the reciprocal radii of the four resulting pieces.

American ingenuity at work - need a portable band saw?  Build it!If they cut it from a single timber, it was an amazing feat of coordination.  If they used four smaller timbers, it was still an amazing feat of coordination, but an even greater job of lay-out and design.  Not having a factory or a skilled partner, I was forced to improvise.  I found this Delta 16" motorized band saw and commenced to chop off all unnecessary cast iron, leaving only the motor and blade transport system.

old Delta three-wheel portable bandsaw It worked, and you could save a lot of money doing the same.  But I gotta warn you; it was extremely heavy; and "klunky" doesn't begin to describe how miserable it was to use. 

1st Falberg three-wheeled portable bandsawThe original Delta got dropped on my garage floor and its frame was irreparably cracked, so I build a lighter version of the Delta with a donut-shaped, closed throat, homemade aluminum frame using the motor, wheels, and blade guides from the old Delta.  It worked beautifully and, despite its closed throat, is still in use today.  View our first brochure.

perfecting the three-wheeled portable bandsaw conceptIt took three more years to perfect a C-shaped frame with 18" of width and sufficient tension to outrun any chainsaw on the open timber. 

our three-wheeled bandsaws have deep throats allowing precision and accuracyBut, rough as they were, local timber framers started buying them and building custom homes with the "Rocky Mountain" look.

Every saw since then has been an improvement; and now, 15 years later, having doubled the throat area, eliminated all vibration (machined 6061 wheels) and blade flappage (frictionless tensioning), it's hard to imagine what else I can do.  The lever-action tensioner I introduced in 2003 went over pretty well. 
The frictionless tensioner will too.

three-wheeled portable bandsaw - call Bill Falberg today about your next custom-built industrial bandsaw - made in the USAI'm starting a custom saw project to build a metal-cutting three wheeler with higher tension, a heavier frame, and direct drive to be hung from the ceiling by a robotic arm.

This could very well lead to another major breakthrough in band saw leanness and meanness.  Once again - you'll see it here first!

View our current brochure.

My sons, pictured below, found better jobs (with weekly pay checks), but I hope they'll carry on when I retire.  They're the only ones who know how.

call Bill Falberg today about your next custom-built in the USA three-wheeled portable bandsaw

Fancy Decorative Woodwork made easy with three-wheeled portable industrial bandsaws

Bebop Rafter Tail

How to cut a fancy ogee rafter tail the EASY way 

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