Bandsaw Blade Guides

Band saw Blade Guides

Band Saw tripod stand

Laminated Platen

blade guide for custom-built industrial band sawJust as the roller bearing blade guides are designed to reduce friction in hard turns, the platen is also rounded.  This is literally where the rubber meets the road; and, like any quality tool, we spare no expense to eliminate friction with the workpiece.  it took quite a few experiments to find the optimal size and shape for the platen, which has to be open enough to see where you're going, but small enough to make it light, portable, and balanced, while using the smallest footprint without snagging the edges.  In most cases, it glides effortlessly over dry wood, but if there's a sap build-up, it's easy to clean.  We eventually got the lamination process down to a science and it's now almost impossible to pull up an edge or get it off, once applied.   In the winter you can slide it downhill on an icy timer while you're cutting if you set it up right.  Falberg saw operators often whistle while they work.  It's disturbing.

Lower Blade Guide Extension or LBGX post on custom-built industrial band sawSince all three wheels provide for precise tracking adjustment, Falberg saws consistently track on the center of their tires, and the blade is always perpendicular to the frame.  We have a video of a long rip cut being performed without blade guides; but they do serve a purpose:  you use them to twist the blade when cutting tight radii.  The default setting for blade guides is therefore dependent on the blade's position between the crowns of its tires.  The Titan Upper Blade Guides therefore float freely between the horizontal slots in the platen's mounting bracket.  To adjust them, you simply pull them up behind the blade and lock them in that position with the blade guide locking screw at the top of the saw.  The LBGX locks in by tightening the hex bolt at the end of its slot as shown to the right. 

Lower Blade Guide Extension
or LBGX post

The Corbel King upper blade guide is identical to the titan lower blade guide.  As you can see, the lower blade guide, like the upper blade guide, retracts all the way back into its wheel-well to get the full benefit of an 18.5" cut depth.  The post is, indeed, beefier than necessary to support the blade guide, but we make it an integral part of the frame anyway because that 1" x 16" solid aluminum round bar makes such a handy tool rest. 

Just as the center of the platen is the center of gravity when it's straddling a timber, working, the lower blade guide extension post is another balance point and it makes a perfect tool rest for those times when you're standing there in the middle of the yard holding the saw up out of the mud and snow waiting for the fork lift to get another timber off the stack.  There's also the tripod stand, (shown way above), but the LBGX is handier.


video three-wheeled portable band saw, ripping this mesquite timber with a Corbel King. 

Ripping Mesquite

Bill Falberg demonstrates the tracking tenacity of his blade transport system by ripping a mesquite log without blade guides.