Custom-Built Industrial Bandsaws

Custom-built industrial three-wheeled Band Saws made in the USA
10" Bevel Saw
Made to Spec & Made in the USA!

Custom-built Band Saws
Industrial 3-Wheeled Timber & Metal Bandsaws

This custom-built bevel saw was commissioned by a corporation in Texas to bevel the balsa wood cores of the composite propeller blades used in wind-driven electric generators.  The entire table-top slides in and out on spinner cranks to adjust the fence's relationship to the blade.  The motor and saw frame pivot on the other spinner crank to adjust the angle of the bevel to be cut.  It can bevel anywhere from 5 degrees to 50 degrees.  It runs 24/7, three shifts, 365 days/year.  We made two trips to Texas to deliver, set-up, and train their staff.  From design to delivery it took us 6 weeks.