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Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band sawIndustrial Veneer Mill
Introducing Slicer, the most advanced resaw ever built, heralding a whole new generation of floor standing vertical band saws.

Slicer - veneer mill - table industrial bandsaw Falberg Saw Co. recently completed the third prototype of a six year long project aimed at designing the perfect veneer saw for cabinet makers and high-end woodworkers. Our goal was to create a saw with enough power to plow through 18" of hardwood without bogging down or drifting off course. We wanted a universal fence system that fit every situation; but we ended up conceding to the inevitability of "blade drift" where it applies to thin kerf resaw blades and designed an adjustable rail and sled model that automatically adjusted for blade drift instead.

The current manifestation of that project, Slicer, is a rip cutting monster with a 2 HP, 220V motor on the cutting edge of bandsaw technology and capable (not that you'll need it) of twice the tension of any other band saw anywhere. Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band sawThe revolutionary new frictionless tensioner incorporated into this breakthrough saw can tension 1" blades without binding in the slides (as all modern bandsaws do), totally eliminating the blade "flappage" that produces all those rough-sawn lines we call "band saw texture". The new tensioners are miraculous for producing a finish so smooth it looks like the board just came out of a planer, not a bandsaw!

This is an exciting turn-key specialty milling business for those with a supply of precious wood; this lets you cut it precisely and smoothly into ready-to-glue veneer of any thickness in one quick operation. The cut depth is a full 18" and the throat width is 14" . The table top is 3' x 4' and it's 32" high. It comes with several feed rail systems from 6' to 12' long and we can further customize for your specific application. This saw will, guaranteed, do things no other band saw in the world can equal; at the speed of cutting butter.

A quality 1" -2TPI carbide blade leaves only 3/32" of kerf and leaves a finish so smooth you won't need to plane or sand it before gluing. It leaves a finish so flat and smooth it looks like it came off a planer, not cut with a band saw. And this saw will do it through 18" of the hardest wood you have. 10" veneers - Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band saw - saws up to 18" veneersThis is a whole new way of doing it. You haven't seen anything like it.

With narrower blades, it could be re-purposed to cut detailed contours in very thick logs; like band saw boxes, for instance. It's a turn-key business in many, many other ways. Use your imagination.

The veneers shown are only 10" wide. If you want to see 18" veneers; bring me a nice, hard piece of whatever 18" x X" . I'll enjoy demonstrating for you.

Below:  16" Douglas Fir Veneer from Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band saw

16" Douglas Fir Veneer from Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band saw16" Douglas Fir Veneer from Slicer - industrial veneer mill - band saw