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Industrial Band Saws for Professional Builders

Don't let the size of it intimidate you.  It's only sixty five pounds.  Because its center of gravity is below the center of the platen, it will balance on a 2 x 4 like it was clamped there. 
Think of it as hanging your saw on the work piece.  Once you have a Titan on the end of an 18" x 18" timber, it's yours to do with as you will.  The switch is right there under your right thumb.  That little jump when you turn it on tells you there's ample power and you won't be bogging down today. 
That feeling of power is reaffirmed when you start pulling on the platen's t-handles.  You're glad now that you drew a fine line to follow your pattern when you see how easy it is to control the Titan.  If you decide to back out of a cut and try another line, you're surprised to find the blade following tenaciously even when it pulls out of the blade guide.  A little jiggle works it loose.  You're beginning to use the side of your saw blade like a file to smooth the 90 degree turns.  You're smiling.  You own the finest portable timber bandsaw ever built.

industrial band saw - floor standing vertical timber band saws - Falberg Corbel KingIndustrial Band Saws for Intricate Details
BIG timbers

The homeowner, your boss, wants ogee pattern corbels throughout, and there are a hundred of them.  They're too short to hang a portable timber bandsaw on them and your vertical woodworking band saw can't cut 18" deep.  Wouldn't it be great to turn the Titan upside down and put four legs and a table under it?  We wondered the same wondering; and then we did it!

Portable 3-Wheeled Bandsaw becomes Vertical Corbel Bandsaw

After numerous design changes to both the saw and the table, we finally found a way to use the Titan as a blade transport mechanism for a vertical woodworking band saw with a short, large tabletop for a platen.  Thus, the portable Titan becomes a floor-standing vertical bandsaw, the Corbel King.  They fit together, hand in glove, to form the most dynamic bandsaw the world has ever known - in a package that's light enough for two strong men to put in a pickup truck.  If you're cutting to a scribed line, your line is right there at eye level and you have all the maneuverability that a 3' x 3' table can offer.

Too good to be true, you say?  See the videos for yourself.  We also get into more detail as you follow the links above exploring the unique frames, blade transport systems, and the tracking and tensioning assemblies that make Falberg portable band saws legendary.

Woodworking Veneer Mill

We're about to introduce a vertical resaw band saw, Slicer, that fills the gap between lumber mills and big vertical resaws.

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