Ultra-Light Aluminum Band Saw Frames

It took four years, 50 saws, and hundreds of design and process variations to perfect the cross-braced exo-skeletal Titan frame (shown above). 

Ultra-Light Aluminum Band Saw Frames on our three-wheeled portable industrial bandsawsWe tried some crazy ideas.  We scrapped a lot of expensive aluminum, but eventually stumbled onto the most efficient frame design and made a jig to put them together repeatedly, with consistent quality, and economically. 

We learned how to avoid welding and why.  We learned that 6061 aluminum loses its rigidity when you heat it too much with a welder, but it's OK to weld the 90 degree elbows of the tube frame if you go slowly. 

In the end we learned, and I think our videos prove, that you don't need a ton of cast iron to sufficiently tension a blade.

In the 17 years that we've been making these frames, we've only lost one from abuse, and that was because the owner tried to weld some extra handles on it.  Naturally, it got warped and couldn't restore tracking.  Other than welding, our frames can stand up to any construction environment imaginable.