Get MORE POWER - portable 3-wheel industrial bandsaws by Falberg Saws made in Delta CO - USA

I know; it's MORE POWER than you need,
but it's what you want.

When you're running the saw all day long in the hot sun, it makes sense.  Experienced operators can keep these motors maxed out all day in the hot sun; this one keeps going regardless.  It's made to do the tough jobs like the saw it's mounted on.  With a one-piece front cover that attaches with only two soft-touch knobs, it only takes a couple minutes to changes blades.  If the work keeps coming at you, the motor never gets a chance to cool down.  That's industrial woodworking.  And that's what Falberg saws are all about.

three-wheeled portable bandsaw drive train is so smooth there is virtually no blade flapNot only does the motor power the blade transport system, it provides a super-convenient counterweight to it, allowing the whole saw to be balanced between them with just enough weight to hold a flat and narrow platen steady on a flat and narrow beam.

Working on these saws in my shop is awkward and difficult until the motor is mounted.  There's just no place to set them down other than flat-out on the ground or a big, wide bench. 
They're made to straddle a beam or rest on bench pins with an opening for the blade to pass through as shown above.     


Note: Saw IS RUNNING; and the BLADE is NOT flapping.

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